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The Swappery
3 min readMay 14, 2022


The Swappery is the first functional cross-chain Decentralized Exchange (DEX), built for the Casper Network. The DEX was launched on Binance Smart Chain in March 2021 and is currently under development to also launch on the Casper Network! In this article, we will go over what is already done and what is yet to be finished.

The Swappery on Binance Smart Chain

Currently, The Swappery is fully functional on Binance Smart Chain. The DEX has been running for a couple of months now and is working great! Other than some minor esthetic website matters, we are proud that no real issues have occurred and that the DEX is fully functional. These minor esthetic website matters will be fixed in the coming Casper Network testnet launch update.

One of the exciting parts about the DEX on Binance Smart Chain is the farms with crazy high APYs that are available. As can be seen in the image below, all APYs are high in the 3 digits!

The Swappery — farms on Binance Smart Chain

Finished developments for Casper Network

Our developers are working around the clock to finish The Swappery platform on the Casper Network. Most of the work has already been done. This includes the Swapping contracts and the Casper Signer wallet integration. The swapping contracts are the smart contracts on the Casper Network that allow you to swap tokens, giving the well-known swap sound!

The integration of the Casper Signer wallet is very important for the DEX to be functional on the Casper Network. This integration creates the possibility for users to connect their Signer wallet to The Swappery and start trading.

To be finished developments for Casper Network

One of the important aspects of the DEX that is still under development on the Casper Network is the router contracts. A router creates the possibility to swap between any tokens that have liquidity on the DEX. Let’s say you have SWPR tokens and want to trade them for SKBR, but there is no SWPR/SKBR pair. The router will find the cheapest way from SWPR to SKBR, going from SWPR to USDT to SKBR, for instance.

Another functionality that is currently under development is the farming contracts. These contracts will create the possibility for you to farm your LP tokens, just like you can do so now on The Swappery on Binance Smart Chain, earning you SWPR tokens.

When all the smart contracts are finished, they need to be connected to the front end of the website, which is the next step in the process — developing the front end and connecting it to the smart contracts. And last but not least is the launch of The Swappery on Casper testnet. After some time on testnet where all bugs can be found and fixed, the platform will move to Casper mainnet!

Overall progress

In short, the developers are around 60% done with all the work that needs to be finished for The Swappery to launch on the Casper testnet & mainnet! So stick around and prepare yourself to get Swappy on the Casper Network!

The Swappery — 60% done

Prepare yourself for the testnet launch by learning how The Swappery works! You can do so on The Swappery Guide.

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